How to create an online game?

We will give you some simple tips to help you figure out how to create an online game for free. There are only eight tips, guided by them, you can easily create a simple but interesting game. To implement the idea you will need desire, skill and effort.

Tip # 1

First you need to soberly assess their capabilities and level of knowledge. To create a game you need the knowledge of at least one programming language. It is also important to be familiar with the technology of creating computer games, that is, you need to know what the user interface is, the event queue, multithreading, client-server interaction. Also very useful knowledge of computer graphics. In addition to all this, you will need one server, where the head part of the game will be located. The server must be reliable, well configured, safe, tested and resistant to surges.

Council number 2

Create a design sketch that you want to bring to life. Creating high-quality and interesting computer games is a very time-consuming process, in which many specialists must participate. Therefore, the beginner does not need to try to overtake them.

Tip number 3

Remember, modern technologies cannot realize all technologies of realism. Most projects are limited to hardware requirements, and not the lack of experts and ideas. Also, restrictions are imposed by simultaneous game support for most players, and if the game has great functionality, powerful and expensive servers will be required. For a start, you do not need to focus on the maximum detail of the game graphics.

Tip number 4

Beginners can create a minimal, but working model of online games, with the possibility of expansion. It should have the simplest set of client-server principle, working on one computer. This complex should provide: a simple model of the game space; creating, entering the game, memorizing the state of the character; the ability to perform actions, movements and communication.

Tip number 5

Create a client and server interconnection protocol over the network. A single standard for data transfer greatly simplifies development, but standardizing all tasks is not always rational, and this entails the generation of a large amount of unnecessary traffic. It is important to find a balance between a common standard and traffic volume.At this stage, you need to work through the software part of the server, determine the multithreading and implementation of interaction with the client.

Tip number 6

Now we are finalizing the client part working on the player’s computer. Here you need to lay an expandable game interface for further painless additions. And also we are working on the graphics and its program part at this stage. Determine which technology is best used to create images of the gameplay. Play the user in the browser will allow Flash or Javascript. They are also suitable for creating online games that have spread on social networks. You can create a client as a standalone application, to use the full power of video cards.

Tip number 7

It is important to ensure safety. Any server can be attacked at any time to gain access to the players' data, and this may entail unpleasant consequences. In addition, DDoS attacks can be performed on the server side of the game. For example, if a special script produces a massive registration of players and simultaneously connects all of them to the game. Such an attack quickly depletes server resources and will need to quickly make important decisions to ensure its operation. Therefore, all mechanisms should be developed for such cases.Therefore, if you are thinking about how to create a browser-based online game, then be ready for teamwork and look for an opportunity to gather the right specialists.

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