How to create an original toy using felting?

Felting is a unique technique that makes it possible to create a wide variety of wool items that have not yet been produced. Spinning procedure. Who would have thought, but the felting technique allows you to create clothes, accessories, interior items and even paintings! But felting is much more popular in the field of creating various toys. Products are created by felting wool dry or wet - the master gives them the necessary shape and volume.

Today, an exciting felting is a special asset for artists and those who love needlework. The popularity of this technique is explained quite simply - it is so simple and accessible that even a child can master it. Felting does not require the masters of high costs, or special preparation of the workspace, and the number of tools used is minimal.Also, we should not forget about the commercial side of the issue -products made in the felting technique are selling well and can bring excellent profit to their creators.

What materials and tools may be needed for felting?

The most important material, which you need, if you decide to master the felting of toys of wool - is a natural untreated wool. It can be very diverse - here everything will depend entirely on your preferences. As already mentioned above, there are two basic techniques of felting - wet and dry, and depending on the technique you will need to select the necessary materials and tools.

For wet feltingyou will need:

  • water or specialized fluid;
  • soap - liquid neutral or baby is best suited;
  • plastic film or substrate - it will accelerate the felting process and protect the table surface from liquid;
  • Forms and special devices to accelerate the process that will be found in every home - rolling mills, hammers, wooden massagers, etc.

Thefelting technique of dry-type woolisin order to repeatedly pierce the wool with specialized needles with notches, as a result of which it becomes tangled, or falls down, forming the necessary object. This technique will require:

  • needles - you should have several needles of different thickness. Thick for the study of large objects, thin - for small parts;
  • a needle holder, or pen, which will greatly facilitate the process;
  • a brush that will serve as a base, or a felting mat.

Dry felting - the most common technique and materials for it you can always find in the stores of goods for needlework, for example, in the Hand-made Lab.

Create a toy step by step

If felting toys are for you, that is, their creation, you should definitely study in detail the main steps or steps of creating objects using this technique. Felting is not a complicated process, which consists in the fact that many times you stick a needle into a ball of wool, after which the fibers fall off and you can give them the necessary shape. Felting for beginners will consist of the following steps:

  1. Prepare a sketch of the product and all the necessary materials and tools.
  2. Start felting - start with large parts that can be worked through with a large needle. Handle all sides of the part, turning it evenly. While the material is soft, you can help yourself with your fingers, giving the desired shape to the product. Treat the part with a needle until it becomes dense.
  3. Fine details - paws, tail - work with thin needles to give them the desired shape. In the places where the parts are joined, leave straps of felt in order to roll them to the main element - the body.

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