How to decorate an apartment and a house with houseplants in an original way: 8 modern ideas


An ordinary houseplant can become a real designer element if it is placed in original flower pots of irregular shape (i.e. a cube).

The edges of the cube flora can be colored, which will make the pot even more non-standard and cute. The minimalistic design of the pot makes it universal, so you can put the plant in any room.


Charming flower pots are obtained from an unnecessary tea set (you can even with chipped edges, handles and legs). Plant small plants in tea cups, beautifully arrange them on a tray and stick old spoons into the ground.

In the kettle and coffee pot, you can plant more plants. This tea-flower arrangement will decorate any dining table, especially the tea set with planted flowers will look on the veranda or patio.


“What technology has reached!” - the aqua farm is a wonderful thing that combines an aquarium and miniature plants. The system is not only original, but also self-sufficient: the roots of the plants feed on the waste products of the fish, which is why the water in the aquarium is cleaned and the plants are always “full”. A great option for the lazy.


Or phytowall, which has recently been gaining popularity. Such a flower arrangement is not found in every apartment, but it creates a comfortable indoor microclimate. It is a phyto wall of some kind of plastic base, living plants and decorative elements planted on it.

For convenience, some phytowalls are equipped with an integrated automatic irrigation system and are connected to the control panel of the “smart home”. Decorative reception is the most powerful, and the aesthetic pleasure obtained by seeing phyto walls is indescribable.


A simple, but not typical solution to create a green corner at home. Shelves save a lot of space in the apartment, create a harmonious atmosphere at home. Multi-storey coasters can be made of different materials: wood - they are not very practical and durable, because the tree eventually loses its shape, becomes a haven for fungi and dampness.

But at the same time, wooden shelves for flowers perfectly fit into the interior in the style of country, Provence, classic, Scandinavian and the like. Metal - they fit perfectly in almost any interior (they look especially good in minimalism, modern, hi-tech, loft) and are distinguished by high performance. Glass - environmentally friendly, safe and look very stylish. Only when choosing a glass shelf, especially pay attention to the durability of the shelves, otherwise security will become a danger. Plastic - budget option, do not overload the interior, they look simple and airy (again, do not forget about the strength of the material, otherwise, a shelf of low-quality plastic will quickly lose its shape and will become unusable). Wicker is an interesting option, ideal for country style and eco. Looks harmonious, elegant and very nontrivial.


It is an excellent alternative to shovel pots on the windowsill or in cases when the windowsills are so narrow that it is simply impossible to put plants on them.

Suspended pots represent the capacity in which the plant pot is installed and the whole structure is suspended.This method well preserves the plants from the attacks of domestic animals (especially cats, which still strive to try the leaves and flowers on a tooth).

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