How to disassemble the Peugeot 307

You will need
  • - instruments;
  • - lifting and transport equipment.
Disassembly of the car start with washing the vehicle, engine and other parts. Then select the location where the operation will take place. Remember: the larger the room - the easier it will be for you to disassemble the car, because nothing will interfere.
Not bad, if at your workplace there is a handling equipment, for example, hoist, hoist or winch. In addition, the room should be a good point and local lighting.
Having prepared everything you need, start the process of disassembling the car. Start with a complete removal of electrical equipment: remove the wires, sensors, appliances, etc. The main reason why car disassembly should start with the removal of electrical equipment - removing metal units, you can damage the wiring.
Remove the starter, alternator, dashboard, wiper motor, lighting, windshield washer unit, heater electric motor, alarm and wipe these devices.After that, blow the equipment with a compressor and lay it on the rack.
Then proceed to the dismantling of body parts: remove the doors, trunk lid and hood, seats and bumper. Following this, drain oil from the gearbox, fuel from the tank, and engine oil. There is a drain nut on each gearbox: the oil is drained through these holes.
After that, remove the glass. Following this, remove the gearbox by disconnecting all elements from the axles and the engine. Then dismantle the exhaust and fuel lines, as well as the levers and cables of the feed system.
Unscrew the engine locking bolts on the car body and slowly remove this unit. Prepare the tank in advance so that you can wash the motor.
Remove the shock absorbers and suspension hardware, then unscrew the connecting bolts that attach the body to the front (rear) axle.

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