How to disconnect the Internet on the Megaphone from the phone

To completely disable the Internet on the Megaphone from the phone, dial the command * 527 * 0 # and press the call key. After a while you will receive an SMS notification that the service has been successfully deactivated. If you have an Internet connection with an add-on in the form of Opera Mini, try using the * 105 * 235 * 0 # command to disable it.
Use one of the special commands from the phone, allowing you to turn off the Internet on Megaphone as part of one of the unlimited packages. For example, to disable the “Basic” package, dial * 236 * 1 * 0 #. You can cancel the “Practical” tariff with the command * 753 * 0 #. To disable the Optimal package, execute the query * 236 * 2 * 0 #, and the Progressive package - * 236 * 3 * 0 #. Finally, the MegaFon-Maximum Internet is turned off by entering * 236 * 4 * 0 #. Do not forget to press the call key when you finish dialing any of the commands.
Try to turn off the extra mobile Internet options from Megaphone from your phone.This may include the option "Prolong speed", which restores the connection speed in case of exceeding the tariff package of traffic. To do this, send an empty SMS message to the number 000105906 or use the combination * 752 #.
You can also turn off the Internet on the Megaphone through a personal account on the operator’s website or contact the salon for this. It may take more time, but this way you can more accurately find out which Internet options are active at your tariff and make sure that you turn off the really unnecessary ones.
If you do not know which type of mobile Internet is active on your device or need assistance to disable the service, contact the support service of Megaphone at 0500. In the main menu, press the "0" key to connect with the support staff. Ask him to name the available options or immediately turn off the Internet completely on your phone.

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