How to distribute net profit

When distributing the profits of an enterprise, it can be used for the following purposes: - paying dividends to the company's participants, - creating a reserve or other fund, - increasing the authorized capital. All shareholders of the company have the right to take part in the distribution of profits.
Please note thatprofitbetween the participants is distributed on the basis of the decision of the general meeting of shareholders, which can be taken once a year, six months or quarterly. But at the same time, the law provides for bans on the distribution of profits in some cases: - if the authorized capital is not fully paid, - if the actual values ​​of the shares of participants that give the right to receive such payments were not paid, - if the company has signs of financial insolvency net assets below the value of the share capital or reserve fund. Once these circumstances are resolved,profitcan be distributed between participants.
At the expense of net profit, you can create or increase funds of the enterprise. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the order of formation and size of reserve and other funds.
Alternatively, you can directprofitto increase the share capital. However, this operation is carried out only after full payment. The authorized capital cannot be increased by more than the difference between the value of the net assets and the amount of the authorized capital and the reserve fund of the enterprise. At the same time, the growth of the share capital leads to a proportional increase in the value of the shares of all its participants.
Cleanprofitof the current year, you can send to pay for losses of past years, the implementation of social costs, the payment of additional bonuses to employees. The size of these payments is not limited by law and is approved by the general meeting of shareholders.

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