How to do a heart transplant

The indication for surgery is usually congestive heart failure, which is characterized as the last stage of any disease. The treatment prescribed to the patient is not effective and does not allow improving the function of the organ. Cardiac arrest is the last stage of failure. The condition leads to cessation of blood circulation and death of the patient.
The patient is required to remove all clothes and decorations, and then put on a special dressing gown. Intravenous administration of medications necessary for the operation, the installation of catheters and the connection of a person to devices for monitoring the state of the body are made. A special tube is installed through the throat of the patient, which is then output to the ventilator.
With the help of an antiseptic solution is carried out cleaning of the skin on which surgical manipulations will be performed. A scalpel is cut from Adam's apple to the navel.With the help of special tools, the brisket is divided into two parts, which are then divorced in the opposite direction in order to open access to the heart.
Special tubes are installed in the chest, which are then connected to the heart-lung machine. After all the blood is pumped out by the machine, the affected organ is removed. With a transplant, removal of the ventricles, which carry out the main activity of the organ, is sufficient. Vessels and auricles usually are not cut.
The donor heart is placed on the vacated space and sewn. After the implantation is completed, the blood circulating in the device is launched into the organ, and the connected tubes are removed. An electric defibrillator is used to restore the pulse. As soon as the heart begins to beat, the doctor conducts a careful examination for the presence of blood leaks. If the procedure went well, a temporary pacemaker may be installed during the postoperative recovery period.
The chest is stitched, and the incisions are closed with sutures and surgical staples.Blood and other pericardial fluids are pumped out using a suction device, and then the necessary bandages and bandages are applied.

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