How to draw a dolphin?

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How to draw a dolphin?

Hello! Today we will once again talk about drawing, namely about the practice of drawing. As I said in the article “How to draw a book,” the main exercise for the person drawing is nothing more than practice. And the easiest to practice is the example of simple drawings. Now I will tell you how to draw a dolphin in stages.

The main feature of drawing a dolphin is an abundance of smooth lines that will perfectly train you. Here are four simple steps that will teach you how to draw a dolphin.

  1. First step. Draw the body of a dolphin. It consists of two curves. The lower one is slightly convex upwards, and the second one, located above, is also convex upwards, but has a large “Degree of convexity”.
  2. In the second stage, we will add the tail and fins. The uppermost fin is located almost in the center, slightly displaced to the head, two lower ones on the body, under it. The tail has the shape of a triangle. Small by itself. It is drawn as follows: the place where the two generators are connected, the torso will rest on the lower side of the triangular tail, and from the edges of this side itself we lower two lines onto the body, which form the tail.Do not make the tail huge, everything should be proportionate and harmonious.
  3. The third stage. Let's start adding details: setting a large shape for the fins, drawing a face to our hero. Tail do tail, not a triangle. To do this, we replace the lower edge of the triangle with a wavy line of the tail, and with the lines that formed the tail, we create the tail itself.

In principle, we have already answered the question of how to draw a dolphin with a pencil, but why stop at a little!

Let's bring our drawing to perfection! What we can do? On the blank sheet, we can leave our drawing, but it is much more interesting to add to it, say, the sea or a ship in the background. Why am I saying this? And besides, it is precisely by fantasizing and developing our own drawings that we get the very experience we need. Moreover, there is nothing more interesting than drawing on the move, thereby plunging into the drawing completely. If you manage to do this, then you are on the right track!

If you do not want to draw something around, but do exactly the drawing of the character, then the best option would be to simply toned it with a pencil. Lightly shade the dolphin, and then use a piece of paper to pound the pattern, it will be covered in tone.You can use the eraser to remove the places where the tone has crossed the border of the drawing, and to draw around the borders with a soft pencil.

Good luck and see you soon!

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