How to draw a line in delphi

Choose a compiler to perform operations on Delphi. You can use Free Pascal, Embarcadero Delphi, Oxygene, Virtual Pascal, Pocket Studio, Virtual Pascal, GNU Pascal, and so on, depending on the conditions you are given. The most famous and widely used compiler today is Embarcadero Delphi.
To build a line in Delphi, use one of the most well-known construction algorithms - the Bresenham algorithm, which is based on determining the points of a two-dimensional raster that you need to paint over to get the most straight line between two given points. The method is more relevant for the construction of horizontal and vertical lines that do not require special smoothing. This algorithm is also relevant in the construction of circles, the speed of its implementation is often quite high. The implementation of this type of algorithm in Object Pascal is as follows (see the figure to step).
In case you want to drawlinein Delphi with maximum smoothing, use the Wu algorithm for this. Its meaning is to decompose a line of a segment into a raster using anti-aliasing.Its advantage is in high quality of lines, and the speed of execution is rather high, therefore it is recommended to use it in cases when it is necessary to build diagonal lines. Its execution in the code for the x axis looks as follows (see the drawing to the step).
You can also use other methods to build lines in Delphi, for example, download ready-made templates from the Internet. At the same time check for errors that may have been made by the authors. Pay attention to the presence of other algorithms. They are not as wide in use as the two described above and are more likely to fit certain specified parameters found in practice less often than the above described cases.

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