How to draw a monkey?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
March 13, 2013
How to draw a monkey?

If you have a small child at home, then you know the phrase: “Well, draw!”. The fact is that children with low self-esteem do not like to draw on their own, because they are not satisfied with the result. But they love to paint. In this case, parents have to reveal in themselves previously unknown talents.

So, how to draw a monkey with a pencil if the kid asked for it? Explain to him that it is easiest to draw a monkey in stages and introduce him to the process.

  • On the sheet we draw 3 circles (upper and lower - the same, and in the middle a smaller one). The upper circles must touch, but be separate from the lower. Like a falling snowman.
  • To the upper circle we draw a figure that most resembles a dull wide beak. Connect the 2 lower circles with lines to mark the back and abdomen.
  • On the top circle draw the eye and cheek. From the bottom circle we depict a leg bent at the knee. And the foot should be the same length as the part from the knee to the foot. From the middle circle draw a hand to the surface on which the monkey sits.Arm and leg should be the same thickness. Schematically draw a brush of the same length as the distance from the elbow to the wrist.
  • On the head we finish the ear so that it touches the shoulder. Add a nose. Tuft on the head. We draw the second hand. We derive it from the waist area, leaving the elbow hidden. Schematically draw a brush. Extend the lower circle to the oval and draw a curved tail line.
  • We divide the “wide beak” into the upper and lower jaw so that the upper part protrudes above the lower. Depicting the auricle, adding volume to it. We draw fingers on hands and foot. We show the thickness of the tail, which coincides in thickness with the paws.
  • Using the eraser, we remove the extra lines, add fur and draw small details (nostrils, folds on the stomach).

Our monkey is ready, and the baby can paint her own. Now you know how to draw a monkey in stages.

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