How to draw Cinderella?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 12, 2013
How to draw Cinderella?

What a colorful and fabulous cartoons represents the American film studio! One of the most popular and touching is Cinderella. Many children, seeing a beautiful fairy-tale heroine, want to draw her. We will help them in this. So, how to draw a Cinderella so that she was as beautiful as in a cartoon?

First of all, you need to correctly portray the face, and you can think up a dress, jewelry and all other attributes yourself. A distinctive feature of Cinderella among all the other cartoon beauties is her golden hair and blue eyes, so they need to be drawn especially beautifully.

Before you draw a princess Cinderella, draw an oval on a piece of paper. It will be Cinderella's head and face. Now draw a princess hairstyle. To make your hair fluffy and beautiful, draw them in smooth wavy lines in the form of curls. In addition, Cinderella's hair is gathered up, so also take this moment into account. We continue to talk about how to draw Cinderella with a pencil, and now we turn to drawing the face of this heroine.

Need to draw eyebrows and eyes of Cinderella. First draw the contours of the eyes, now add eyelashes. In the middle draw a nose in the form of two points, and just below - lips. If you want to make Cinderella smile, you need to draw your mouth open. Correct facial features, make them more clear.

Now you can add Cinderella dress. To do this, from the head you need to draw a vertical line, then, where the body, draw a corset dress. From him we draw gloved hands. Then from the corset down you need to portray a magnificent ball skirt. You can draw a hem with ruffles and pleats. And do not forget to draw the famous shoe at the very bottom.

To make it clearer how to draw Cinderella, you can see the instructions from the pictures below.

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