How to find out what the girl wants?

Recognizing her attitude towards a man by the playfully flirty or deliberately modest behavior of a girl is extremely difficult. And even the advice on non-verbal signals of women's sympathy, described in fashion magazines, is not always useful, because theory is one thing, and practice is quite another. We will tell about how ladies interested in man actually behave.

How to understand that you like a girl

Contrary to stereotypes, not every woman will be able to openly flirt with the as yet unfamiliar man. Many ladies are embarrassed to even simply openly look in the direction of the man they like, not to mention the first to speak. In addition, it is believed that he should take the first step, and therefore the girls patiently wait for this to happen. Only after the acquaintance has been successfully accomplished, and the communication has passed on to the stage of ease and ease, the girl will be able to more clearly show her desires.

In order to find out at the beginning of a relationship what a girl wants, the boy can only watch her closely, trying to recognize the cherished spark of sympathy in her behavior.

  • The girl throws interested views at you, but noticing a return glance from your side, quickly changes the focus on objects located close to her - she is afraid to give out her interest.
  • The lady, who is pleasant man, will be happy to keep him talking. The only exceptions are cases when a girl is very well brought up and incredibly delicate - such a person will welcome, smile with a smile, even with a person whom she is completely indifferent as a potential lover.
  • If a woman likes you, she will willingly let you into her intimate space - a distance of up to 40-45 cm from the body, which a person at an unconscious level perceives as an extension of her own body. Make a couple of steps, by chance, to meet a girl - if she doesn’t recoil, it means she takes you extremely positively.
  • A smile can also be a good signal of sympathy, especially if it is accompanied by an intriguing look straight in the eye.
  • The girl gives you the opportunity to manage it. The psychology of a woman is arranged in such a way that at first, in an effort to win a man to herself, she will strive to imitate a man, as if to follow him.Offer the lady to drink one or another drink, change the table, take a walk in one direction or another, retire away from the noisy crowd to socialize in a more intimate setting. He agrees to everything - it means you want to please. By the way, the willingness to be alone with you is also a very bright sign that you like a woman.

How to find out if a girl wants to meet

The above tips will help determine only the general attitude of the girl towards you. But to find out if the girl wants a romantic relationship with you, it will be possible only after some time after dating.

If the first communication was very successful, ask the girl for a phone number to be able to phone her the other day and arrange a meeting. If she does not refuse, this is already a very good sign. Further, most likely, followed by a stormy correspondence via SMS and messages in social networks, as well as trips to the cinema, cafe, park and other places that meet the traditions of the candy-bouquet period of relations. Try to periodically take the lady by the hand, wrap around the waist, shoulders, as if by chance to straighten hair. If she responds positively, responding with a playful smile and flirtatious looks, then everything goes to a love affair.

After taking her home once again, try to kiss. By whether she agrees, and also by how passionate the kiss will be, it will be possible to know if the girl wants to have sex with you.

If she quickly turns away, pretending not to notice your impulse, and also does not express a desire to kiss in the next days of meetings, then, most likely, she treats you exclusively as a friend. But just in case, it will be possible to clarify this point by directly asking the lady about it - you are not strangers after all, why be shy.

When a girl flirts openly

Even the most ignorant in love affairs of a young man will be able to recognize the uncovered coquetry of restrained intelligence. A frank direct look, a charming smile, a playful twisting of a curl on a finger, a demonstration of the beauty of a figure and legs, as if inadvertent touches - all this gives the desire of a liberated lady to get to know a man closer.

Do you go to such a relationship? Of course, yes, if you want to have a nice evening or maybe the next few months. However, keep in mind that such girls-queen of male hearts, as a rule, are well aware of their value and are able to control relationships.That is why novels with them are far from always as simple, easy and positive as you would like.

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