How to follow a diet after a kidney transplant


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It should be noted that transplantation operations have one distinctive feature - it is necessary to create conditions under which someone else’s body could take root. To this end, suppress the immune system. At the same time for the whole organism comes a serious test. To support the strength of the patient, they introduce a special diet that contains healthy and proper food.

A diet after a kidney transplant should be designed in such a way that it will take into account all the physiological features of the body. However, there are the following list of restrictions for all patients:

  • it is recommended to give preference to plant proteins rather than animals;
  • you can not eat fatty meat, for example, pork. The best option is chicken, rabbit and other lean meat;
  • refuse to fry foods, cook them better, steamed, stew;
  • coffee and alcoholic drinks are strictly contraindicated, carbonated drinks are also better not to use;
  • milk is better to replace kefir with a small fat content;
  • it is also not recommended to use seasonings, especially sharp, during cooking;
  • It is forbidden to use products that contain dyes and preservatives. These include mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces;
  • eliminate from the diet smoked and dried fish;
  • The basis of the diet should be fresh vegetables and fruits.

Diet after kidney transplant menu

Diet after kidney transplantation: menu

Above were presented only general recommendations. A doctor can develop a more correct diet, taking into account such factors as age, body weight, gender, physical activity. The diet should be as balanced as possible. As a result, an individual diet is formed after kidney transplantation. At the forum, you can discuss your diet with people who have encountered the same problem.

So that the patient does not increase body weight, it is necessary to control the daily intake of fat. You should not give exceptional preference to carbohydrates. It should be noted that it is necessary to limit the consumption of rapidly absorbed refined sugars, and to give preference to natural dietary fiber.

kidney transplant diet

An important component of proper nutrition after rehabilitation is proteins. However, here it is necessary to approach the issue correctly and choose among lean meat and dairy products, as well as give preference to legumes.

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