How to freeze mushrooms?

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How to freeze mushrooms?

We are used to the need to pickle mushrooms for the winter or to pickle, especially diligent housewives also dry mushrooms. But, after all, pickled mushrooms are good mainly as an appetizer, and not to make fragrant rich soup, pizza toppings or deli julienne. And in the winter, sometimes you want to remember the summer and taste potatoes fried with mushrooms! In this case, only frozen mushrooms can help out, which, when cooked, tastes indistinguishable from fresh ones. You doubt whether it is possible to freeze mushrooms on your own for the winter? You can freeze mushrooms, but there are some nuances in this matter. About them you will learn from the article Is it possible to freeze mushrooms? And in this article we will look at the process of freezing mushrooms in detail.

What mushrooms can be frozen?

You can freeze almost all types of edible mushrooms, but if there is not much space in the freezer of a household refrigerator, it makes sense to freeze white, Polish, chanterelles, boletus mushrooms, boletus mushrooms and boletus. Details on freezing porcini mushrooms are described in a separate article How to freeze porcini mushrooms.Mushrooms are also well frozen, but since they all the year round do not disappear from the store shelves, it is simply not necessary to prepare them for the winter.

How to freeze whole fresh mushrooms for the winter?

Mushrooms can be frozen whole - this method is especially good for whites, polish mushrooms and butter. With oil before freezing, it is better to remove the brown mucous skin. In boletus and aspen mushrooms, the legs are stiff and fibrous, not of special nutritional value, so these two types of legs usually break off and freeze only caps.

Selection of mushrooms

For freezing it is necessary to select young, strong mushrooms of a small size, free from stains and mechanical damage. Mushrooms should be fresh, collected on the same day, at least the day before. You need to freeze the mushrooms of one species. In no case can not be frozen wormy mushrooms.

Mushroom preparation

  1. Mushrooms should be carefully selected, ruthlessly discarding all those that do not meet the above criteria.
  2. Next, the mushrooms must be cleaned from forest litter - grass, sand, pine needles and leaves. It is convenient to do it with a soft brush or sponge.
  3. If the mushrooms are very dirty, they should be washed. Mushrooms should be washed one at a time, quickly rinsing them under the stream of running water - so they will not be saturated with moisture and slack.
  4. After washing the mushrooms should be dried, spreading them on a kitchen towel.
  5. When the mushrooms dry out, you can begin to freeze them.

Freezing mushrooms

Prepared mushrooms spread out in a single layer on a pallet so that they do not touch, and send the pan to the freezer. The lower the temperature in the freezer, the better. If the refrigerator has the function “Enhanced Freezing”, which allows you to set the temperature in the freezer - 24 * C, be sure to turn it on.

After 12 hours, check the quality of the freeze. If, when tapping each other, mushrooms ring like pebbles, it means that they can be packaged in tight plastic bags or plastic containers. Two small helpful packing tips:

  • Each package must be labeled with the type of mushrooms and the date of freezing.
  • Since the mushrooms cannot be re-frozen, pack them in small portions so that one package is designed to cook one dish.

Put the mushrooms packaged in this way into the freezer and store them there for no more than six months at a standard temperature of -18 * C.

Other ways to freeze mushrooms

Good quality mushrooms with small mechanical damage or too large mushrooms can also be frozen for the winter. To do this, sifted and peeled off-standard mushrooms must be cut into thin (3–4 mm) slices before freezing, removing the damaged areas during cutting. Next, with sliced ​​mushrooms do the same as with whole - slices spread on a tray and put it in the freezer. Freeze sliced ​​mushrooms faster than whole ones. After about six hours they can already be laid out in bags and put into the freezer for storage.

Mushrooms for the winter can freeze not only raw, but also boiled or stewed with a small amount of vegetable oil.

To do this, prepare the mushrooms as described earlier, then they are cut into slices and boiled for 10 minutes in salted water or stewed in a deep frying pan until almost ready. Boiled mushrooms recline in a colander, after the liquid has drained, laid out in portions of food containers, tightly closed with lids and allowed to cool to room temperature.Stewed mushrooms are packaged in containers along with the juice, which they let out when stewing, and also cooled. After this, containers with mushrooms are signed and placed in the freezer, where they freeze and are stored.

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