How to gas to the cottage

Note that the eyelinergasto the garden house should be performed exclusively by experts. Achieve linergastocottagenot so easy. But nothing is impossible if there is a desire and, of course, some money.
First of all, contact the gas service at the location of your summer cottage.
Get a form with the technical conditions and write a statement stating that you want to gasify the country house.
The design bureau conducts design and exploration work at your site and draws up a project for the gas pipeline wiring. With this project, you again go to the gas service.
Next you must coordinate this project with the gas service. Based on it, the gas service specialists will compile design and estimate documentation.
Now you have to choose an organization that will conduct gas to your house, install the necessary equipment, make the connectiongasto the mostcottage.
Before signing the contract and drawing up a budget for construction work, you should check with the contracting organization whether it has:
- license for the production of these works,
- certification of welding works and welding machine,
- certified welder,
- certified fitters.
In the contract, specify the exact amount for the work done, indicate that the full complex of works must be completed in accordance with the project, withcottagend commissioned by inspecting organizations.
Keep in mind that all pipes, junctions, bends must be certified in accordance with GOST 3262-75. All cranes, equipment, etc. must have passports and certificates, permission to use. Internal equipment and pipes should be available for inspection anywhere on the gasket, i.e. they cannot be walled in walls or sheathed with fixed panels
Offer from our partner
House, cottage, cottage. System diagram The cost of gasification. Gas delivery to a cottage, house, industrial facilities is one of the most demanded services of our company. At present, liquefied gas is considered to be a very profitable and efficient type of fuel.
Helpful advice
For gasification of a cottage or cottage with liquefied gas, special tanks (tanks) are used - gas holders, which are installed at a certain distance from buildings and structures, septic tanks and wells. The tank is filled with liquefied gas using a car tank, as it is done with gas supplies at gas stations. A car tank comes to you 1-3 times a year, at your request.

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