How to germinate seeds for seedlings in 24 hours

To germinate seeds for seedlings in just a night is it real? Completely! I love to grow seedlings and plants for my garden. And somehow I decided to search the Internet for how to germinate seeds in a fast way. At one of the foreign sources, the method of “scarification of seeds” was described. It turns out that if you germinate seeds in the usual classical way, then most of the entire process time is spent on soaking the seed coat and moisture access to the body itself. remove part of the seed protective shell for direct access of moisture to the core.

Materials needed

  • Dried seeds you need for germination.
  • Paper napkin or towel.
  • Sandpaper or nippers.
  • Water.
  • Zip pouches With a clasp or a regular cellophane package.
How to germinate seeds in 24 hours

The process of rapid germination

Take the seed, it is absolutely not important what this plant is.This simple way can be applied to any crops and seeds.
How to germinate seeds in 24 hours
Using sandpaper, we grind off a piece of the shell to the seed body. This can be done and the usual pieces for nails. It is only necessary to damage part of the containment in order to provide access to water.
How to germinate seeds in 24 hours
As a result, you should have such a seed with a trimmed side section.
How to germinate seeds in 24 hours
Now packaging. We take a paper napkin and moisten it abundantly with water. We spread on it the treated seeds at a short distance from each other. And we put this whole thing in a zip package. Put on in a desirable warm place and wait.

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