How to get a job in Penza

Vacancies of enterprises located in the city of Penza, look in the Internet on the,,, To do this, in the search bar, specify the name of the position for which you are applying, as well as the approximate salary level. The portal will display a list of all ads that match the parameters.
Create and place your own resume on these sites so that employers can find you. Indicate in it education, experience and work experience, skills acquired during work, specific knowledge, knowledge of foreign languages, etc. Leave a contact phone number and email address.
Contact the employment center. It is located at the address: Penza, Titova street, 7a, reference numbers: +7 (902) 205-21-38, +7 (8412) 92-89-95. Bring with you a diploma of education and a work book, if available. They will help you not only to find a new one.the job, but also sent to retraining in the event that your specialty is not in demand.In addition, citizens' appeals are considered in the Department of Labor, Employment and Labor MigrationPenzaarea. It is located on Bekeshskaya Street, 8, phones: +7 (8412) 55-77-76, +7 (8412) 55-52-27. There will help those who are illegally fired or can not findthe jobafter institute.
Pay attention to the information boards near the entrance of urban industrial enterprises. It is there that announcements about recruiting for certain specialties are posted. Write down the phone numbers of the human resources department and email your resume. In addition, look on the Internet sites Penza organizations. Not all post vacancies on special labor exchanges. Some use their own Internet resources.
At the interview go in a good mood, in a clean business suit, putting yourself in order completely. Remember that they meet on clothes.

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