How to get a loan in Perm

You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of income;
  • - A copy of the workbook;
  • - documents of ownership.
Choose the loan that best suits your needs. If you are going to finance commercial activities, choose a loan for business development - you will need to submit a lot of documents, but a loan for such purposes can be obtained at a very profitable percentage.
To purchase household appliances or a car, select a target consumer loan - it is quickly processed and does not require additional documents. You can receive the purchase on the same day.
To buy an apartment is ideal mortgage loan. And if you want to spend money on several different purposes, apply for a cash loan - in this case, you will be able to manage the money at will.
A credit card is also suitable for loans for small amounts and for a short time.
Find a bank that provides the most favorable conditions for your chosen lending program.This can be done, for example, using the Internet resource "Banks of Perm". There in the section "Banks" you will find a list of financial institutions of the city of Perm. Among them are both large federal companies, for example, Alfa-Bank or VTB-24, as well as regional ones, such as Perminvestbank. Using this catalog, go to the site of the bank itself and get information on interest rates, amounts and conditions of lending. Also, see the “Special Offers” section, where information about stocks of various banks is placed, for example, about lowering interest rates.
Having chosen a specific loan, collect the necessary documents to receive it. For a loan for the purchase of household appliances is usually enough passport. For a loan in cash, most likely, they will ask for a certificate of income and a copy of employment record certified by the employer. For a mortgage loan or financing business development, you may need a much larger list of documents that can be found in the bank.
Come to the branch of your chosen bank. Consumer loans for goods can usually be issued in the store, as there are mobile banking offices.
Send all the documents to a bank employee, fill in the application form for a loan.After that, your application will be reviewed. It can take from several minutes to a week or even longer.

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