How to get out of the vicious circle?

How not to fall into depression? Last year I live in constant stress, at work problems, at home, too, not everything is going well, I have even stopped sleeping normally. Maybe it's time to go to a psychotherapist, tell the sensible in Kiev?
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Answered on February 16 15:07
May really need to see a specialist if sleep is already disturbed. I look at all life difficulties in a position of power, adhere to the principle that does not kill us, makes us stronger.
Answered on February 16, 15:14
You know, unfortunately, such a state very quickly draws into the circulation of closed thoughts; you simply cannot get out of this circle yourself. The brain programs itself, and you constantly think about problems, this is akin to obsessive thoughts. Be sure to sign up for a consultation with a psychotherapist, in Kiev there are enough such specialists, for example, look here
Answered on February 16 15:18
In fact, depression is very scary, I have a ball nephew.Now everything seems to be fine, but he was undergoing medication at the clinic. Better pull yourself together and begin to enjoy every day.
Answered on February 21 17:19
Go urgently to the appointment of a specialist. You need to normalize your sleep first. Try to come to terms with problems at home and at work, if you cannot influence the situation, do not eat yourself from the inside. Still try to drink something soothing, for example, lemon balm or valerian.

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