How to get rid of cravings for sweets

The root cause of the irrepressible craving for sweets is the lack of complex carbohydrates in the diet. Basically, they are found in cereal bread, cereals, some legume varieties, pasta made from durum wheat. Of course, simple carbohydrates, which contain sugar, give a feeling of satiety and satisfaction quickly, almost immediately after consumption. However, insulin quickly processes this sugar, and the feeling of hunger arises again.

There are several practical and easily doable tips that will help to fool your appetite and cope with the sweets.

If you still refuse sweets, instead of sweets or muffins, it is better to dissolve the cubedark chocolate. It is necessary to hold a piece in the mouth for at least a couple of minutes in order for the signal to reach the brain that the body has received sweetness.

Excellent substitute also servenuts and dried fruits, fruits in sugar and cream. Of course, you shouldn’t be too much involved in them, but such snacks will bring much more than harm.

Snack sweets can be replacedfruit chewing gum. Chewing the cud, a person, it seems, gets a sweet and does not burden the body with excess sugar.

In order to avoid overeating sweet, you need to properly organize yourdiet. Too long intervals between meals, provoke to eat more sweet and fatty foods. Meals should be fractional, at least five times a day, but in small portions.


And further:

  • if, after all, there was a breakdown and the sweets were eaten, you should not reproach yourself and give up, it is better to refrain from sweets in the following days;
  • you should not encourage yourself sweets or seize problems with them;
  • You should not expect quick results, but the process of withdrawing from sweets is a difficult and long process.

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