How to get rid of friends?

One day you realize that you can no longer tolerate this person next to you. He is annoying, unpleasant, unceremonious, etc., etc. Is there a way to get rid of such a friend? Of course have. Moreover, there are a lot of options to get rid of friends, but how easy it will be for you to do this is just a matter of your temperament and character. Of course, for people who are decisive and selfish, it’s easy to put someone else in place, and I’m in a hurry to make modest people quiet or just people who don’t like conflicts - there’s a way for you. With him, we, in fact, begin, because from the annoying comrades suffer, as a rule, modest and / or non-conflict people.

Effective way to get rid of friends

In fact, this method is familiar to you, only for some reason you consider it shameful to use it, because in childhood we were often taught: “Ay-yay-yay, it’s not good to cheat!” But forgive me when you are given out so that you cannot step This way is quite acceptable, because what could be worse if a person suddenly begins to restrict your freedom? And it does not matter - consciously or not.Of course, it is always better to just say: “Sorry, I have no time” and not concretize, but not everyone can do that. Therefore, do not postpone and begin to pretend to be a busy person. “Oh, I’ll come to you now, I'll show you a new film!” - “Sorry, I'm busy” - “What can you be busy with now?” - and here comes the options. Think of anything: the grandmother got sick, she was flooded with work, the mom (dad) does not allow, I go with my husband (with my wife, with a boyfriend, with a girl) to the cinema, we want to be together, etc. - depending on the circumstances and your imagination. Believe me - four or five such excuses, and the ardor of your friend (-nits) will diminish - he or she will understand that you are also a person and you, too, may have affairs besides his (her) precious society. We have no other way with insolent and non-tactical people, and if your boyfriend or girlfriend is just alone and needs you, just let them know that you may have business without them. By the way, this greatly stimulates a person to find other interesting activities in your absence. And now let's move on to a more complicated version.

How to get rid of a friend's husband

A friend of a husband or a friend of his wife is everywhere, he climbs into everything, prevents the couple from living a normal life: a very common case. And here “preventive work” should be carried out not with this person, but with one’s half.Only without extremes - no need to declare: either he (she) or I! - and while banging on the table or stomping foot. But it is necessary after once again a friend of a husband or a friend of a wife throws out another child, calmly tell your sweetheart: “Dear (dear), or maybe we’ll go there together this time?” Or: “Let's listen only each other, are we together with you, and not with him (with her)? ”Any options can be any, the main thing is to let your lover or sweetheart know that you want others, even your close ones, not to get into your relationship half people. Relationships are always two and only two. That is why this method is suitable in the case of how to get rid of friends of a guy or girl. Gradually accustom your soul mate all decisions to take only among themselves - without involving friends, relatives, etc.

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