How to get to the Forest?

January 12, 2015
How to get to the Forest?

The direction of the railway Kiev-Moscow passes through the town of Forest, which is currently under construction of residential buildings. The town of Lesnoy is not particularly remarkable; it is located in the Odintsovo Municipal District of the Moscow Region. It is home to only ten thousand people, however, the population of the town is constantly growing due to the construction of new areas.

Over time, the city will become an important part of the Odintsovo district and, perhaps, will have several attractions. At the same time in the city there is only a boarding house where you can relax.

If you want to visit this town, then you need to know how to get to the Forest Town from Moscow. Consider this question.

How to get to the Forest Town

There are several easy ways to get to the Forest Town from Moscow

  • On the train from the Kiev station. The train goes about forty minutes. You can also see the sending of the express train, which stops at the station of the Forest Town;
  • By car. You can get from Moscow to Forest Town by the M1 highway, which goes to Minsk highway.You can go both from the Moscow Ring Road and from the center of Moscow.

In addition, you can get to the Forest Town by buses and taxis.

  • From the metro station Park Pobedy by buses 442, 457, 488;
  • From the metro station Tushinskaya by bus 301;
  • From the railway station Kubinka-1 on shuttle buses 80, 84;
  • From the railway station Mozhaisk by bus 457;
  • From the railway station Nemchinovka by buses 301, 442, 457, 488; on minibuses 84, 442;
  • From the railway station Odintsovo on shuttle buses 49, 58, 80, 103; on buses 33, 49;
  • From the railway station Otradnoe on shuttle buses 49, 103; on buses 33, 49;
  • From the railway station Pionerskaya on buses 33, 49 and bus 49;
  • From the railway station Tuchkovo by bus 488;
  • From the railway station Tushino by bus 301.

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