How to grind logs

You will need
  • Scraper, Bulgarian, grinding wheels (grinding discs) of various diameters and different grain sizes, respirator, carrying, moisture meter, protective glasses
Check the wood for moisture before sanding the log. Instrument readings should be no more than 19%. Wood with a high moisture content will not allow for high-quality polishing work. Determine the degree of contamination, fungal damage and unevenness of the surface of the logs to assess the work ahead.
Select for grinding the log grain of the roughing disc, depending on the state of the surface of the log. It is better to polish the log with 3 grinding discs: large, medium and small. With coarse unevenness, first take a coarse-grained disk, and then use discs with a smaller grain. Use when grinding and grinding discs of different diameters: on the surface of the log - large, in the corners - small.
Start sanding the log from top to bottom with the reciprocating motion of the grinder, removing the mounds and unevenness of the log with a thin layer (not more than 1 mm). Grinding the same wall of logs start from the bottom up.

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