How to identify natural silk carpet?

At the moment, the decision to purchase carpets opens up broad prospects, as in this market are products of various manufacturers. You can buy carpets from any material, even from natural silk. However, to buy retail and wholesale silk carpets is necessary with extreme caution, as it is possible that you can buy goods from fake material. The fact is that very often sellers are in no hurry to warn a customer that their goods are made of rayon, not natural.

What you need to know in order to be able to recognize the carpet of natural silk?

There are several methods that allow you to distinguish a rug made of real silk from artificial. Of course, these methods can damage the product itself, but if you really need to get products made from natural silk, then these methods will certainly suit you.

  1. The first way is to rub the carpet with your palm. If this is a real carpet of natural silk, then you should feel the light warmth in your palms. If the product is made of rayon, then it will still remain cold to the touch.
  2. The second method requires you to set fire to the carpet. Don't be scared, not everything. After cutting off a small piece of fringe or knot on the back side of the carpet, bring a burning match to it. If the smoke that comes from the burning piece smells like paper and the ash is loose, then most likely the material from which this product is made is viscose, which is based on cellulose. If the smoke smells like burning hair, and the ash turns into a solid black ball, then it is highly likely that this product is made of real silk.
  3. The third is the method of using a chemical solution of copper sulphate, which will quickly dissolve a piece of natural silk carpet, while pieces of other materials will not be able to dissolve in this solution. If the first two methods do not give you complete confidence in determining what material the carpet is made of, then you can rest assured that the third method will show the exact result.

Silk Carpet Features

If you are lucky enough to buy a carpet of natural silk, it means that you have at your disposal a luxurious item that will be able to decorate the interior of the room and bring luxury and elegance to it. Silk carpets are made only by hand, because the machine can not provide the necessary density of the carpet. This, in turn, allows you to keep the original softness of the carpet, even after many years of its operation. Such wholesale carpets in Moscow can be purchased as well as other floor coverings. Silk threads themselves are very thin, which makes it possible to obtain products of increased strength and achieve a clear pattern on the surface of the fabric. Such a product can be placed in any room and it will serve its owner for many years.

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