How to improve or restore vision

Do not think that barley, for example, is only in children. Often it occurs in adults. First, itching occurs on the edge of the eyelid, then a yellow dot appears, this grain quickly matures and its contents break out. It is best to consult a doctor, he will prescribe treatment, will open the abscess. To protect yourself from relapse of the disease, it is necessary to raise the immune system. It is recommended to move more, keep yourself in good shape, eat fruits and vegetables.
Treat conjunctivitis only with a specialist. This disease is caused by viruses, bacteria and allergens. The doctor will be able to determine which of them launched the mechanism for the development of the disease. Most often, people suffering from the disease, find gastrointestinal diseases, beriberi, lesions of the nasopharynx, etc. In emergency cases, helps herbal infusion. Pour 1 tbsp. ochanka drug 2 cups boiling water, let it brew for an hour, strain and rinse eyes.
Observe with a doctor regularly if you have been diagnosed with glaucoma.Therefore, it is necessary for all healthy people over the age of 35 to visit an oculist every six months to check the intraocular pressure and prevent the occurrence of glaucoma. Heavy physical work, night shifts, irregular working hours are contraindicated for patients. You can not wear sunglasses, in the bright sun is recommended to wear glasses with green glasses, which are produced specifically for such patients.
Spend less time at the computer, so you can prevent dry eye syndrome. Do not buy low-quality cosmetics, do not abuse the wearing of lenses and do not use air conditioning too often. Wear anti-glare glasses when working at a computer. Do not sit close to the monitor, always stand up every hour, do exercises for the eyes. If this is not possible, just look at the distance for five minutes per hour, looking away from the monitor.
Include in the diet cucumber, carrot juices, blueberries, dill. Wear corrective glasses. Myopia often occurs on the background of metabolic disorders, genetic predisposition, the disease can provoke a number of complications.For example, lead to rupture of blood vessels, provoke retinal detachment, lead to the emergence of cataracts.
In difficult cases, you will help the operation with the use of laser. In two hours you will be able to go home, and in two days you can lead a normal life. It is very useful to include in the diet omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants (spinach, broccoli), foods rich in vitamins A and E.
Do gymnastics for the eyes. Close your eyes sharply and quickly open. Repeat 5-10 times. Look up, then down, then left and right. Repeat 5-6 times, the head should be in one position. Take your hand to the side, slowly move the index finger of this hand from right to left and watch him with your eyes without moving your head. Repeat 10 times.
Use plenty of fluids, do not allow even the slightest dehydration. Try to blink as often as possible. To the eyes do not experience oxygen starvation, you need to go to the fresh air.

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