How to improve the work of the pancreas

To improve the work of the pancreasglandseat broth made from flax seeds. Take 2 tablespoons of seeds and pour half a liter of boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes and wait for the broth to cool. During the day, drink a ready-made decoction in several receptions before a meal in 30-40 minutes. Within a month, you will notice that your blood sugar level has dropped. If you want to reduce the risk of diabetes, take a decoction throughout the year.
If you periodically have inflammation of the pancreasglands, try instead of breakfast to eat a dessert spoonful of honey, washed down with a glass of hot milk. Do not eat or drink anything for 4 hours afterwards. Take a similar breakfast for 1 month. After that, arrange a short break. Make it a regular breakfast and improve.the jobpancreasglands.
Improve the state of the pancreasglandsand stimulate herthe jobplants such as dogwood, cranberry, Chinese lemongrass, sorrel, barberry, elderberry. If you have a predisposition to diabetes, take decoctions of these plants, and thereby reduce the risk of disease.
Every day, half an hour before meals, drink up to 23 drops of tincture from a pink radiola.
Take a tablespoon of leaves of ordinary blueberry and brew them with a glass of boiling water. Leave to infuse for 40–45 minutes. Every day, drink 2-3 glasses of infusion.
Boil a tablespoon of blueberries for 5 minutes in a glass of water. Drink 2–3 glasses of broth daily. To prepare it, use both fresh and dry berries.
A tablespoon of chopped thick-leaved badan root, cover with a glass of cool water and cook for 10 minutes. Leave the lid on for one hour. For 2 weeks, take 4 times a quarter of a glass daily before eating.

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