How to increase sales in a crisis

Make a list of new problems that customers encountered duringcrisis. Pay attention to the problems of three types: fear, lack of reserves and the search for gurus. Fear is like a toothache - a quick release is required. Therefore, in difficult times, people are attracted by the opportunities associated with the word "fast." Lack of reserves makes people vulnerable, and they begin to clog the pantry with what is on the market. Uncertainty about tomorrow makes one look for a guru on whose opinion one can rely. Listen to the conversations - they reflect crisis problems. These are hot topics that need to be listed for further analysis.
In front of each item, write how the existing product can solve the problem. It is necessary to build a bridge between the natural state of buyers, caused by the crisis, and what you can offer. Do not think that the buyers themselves will guess why the goods are needed right now, conscientiously do this part of the work. We must come to people with ready-made solutions, in line with the current situation.It may look like this: “People do not know whether they will receive a salary tomorrow. As long as there is money, it is necessary to make a supply of soap for the year ahead and live peacefully, even if salary delays begin. ”
For each solution, come up with a stock that reflects the benefits of purchasing the product. It is important to find the right words in order to convey the idea to the emotional crowd in clear language. Make the crisis an ally, as if preparing for this time. Highlight current problems and promise a way out. The promotion may sound like this: “In this store, customers are calm duringcrisis. They make important stocks and get an anti-crisis discount. ”
Find places where there are a lot of people with problems found. These are not necessarily large urban areas where potential buyers congregate. Look for the newspapers they read, their usual locations on the Internet, etc. Careful work is needed here: the more you find the places where the right people gather, the more likely they are to get in the eye.
Spend an advertising campaign in promising places to attract customers to interesting promotions.Good training done in the previous steps will ensure the effectiveness of advertising investments.

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