How to install a terminal?

Accepting payments using terminals is a daily business. To some people, this method allows them to save their free time, to others, to earn good money. And this is not surprising, since the acceptance of payments through such equipment is considered an excellent opportunity to earn income without significant investments.

If you plan to make a good profit in your store by accepting payments, then you need to know how to set up a payment terminal.


It should be noted that this device does not need any licenses and permissions to use. It is enough to collect a package of documents:

  • certificate of state registration of a business entity.
  • certificate of registration with the tax authorities.
  • power of attorney to perform any actions related to how to install the terminal.

All submitted documents must have copies that are notarized.

Terminal acquisition

Different manufacturers of terminal price is almost the same. Thus, the only problem will be the choice of where to install the terminal in the store.

If you want to install a terminal in your store, all that is needed to start such a business is the purchase of the terminal itself.

Model selection

If you plan to install a payment terminal in the store, you can choose the most suitable model:

  • mounted;
  • stationary;
  • built in

Terminal installation

They all differ in body form factor. Embedded terminals visually resemble ATMs. They are installed in a variety of windows and niches. From the users' side, it looks like a touchscreen display of a terminal installed in a wall. Hinged models are fixed on the walls and do not rest on the floor. Fixed terminals are considered the most popular. This equipment is located on the floor. Additionally, stationary models are equipped with an advertising display.

Terminal security and control

Depending on the installation site, you can choose a reliable anti-vandal case of the payment terminal or a cheaper and easier option.In addition, the security of the safe where bills are stored may differ. Separately, you can order special protective covers. With their help, you can close the payment terminals installed on the street.

Machine maintenance

  1. Often, such equipment operates through GSM / GPRS communication. Thus, at the place of their installation must be present coverage of the mobile operator, which offers GPRS-Internet access. It is necessary to discuss with the payment system whether any operator is suitable for working with it. And from the GSM-company you need to find out the cost and availability of high-speed unlimited GPRS-package.
  2. One of the main advantages of this business is that the control and management of payment terminals does not require a lot of free time, a large staff or special skills and knowledge.
  3. Payment terminals work around the clock and automatically. You do not have to pay salaries to employees, because in this situation, there is practically no human factor. As for payback, it is about five to six months.In other words, this business is able to guarantee an impressive profit without serious cash injections.
  4. The advantages of payment terminals are obvious. The subscriber gets an excellent opportunity to pay their own bills for a variety of services (mobile communication, Internet, etc.). As for the terminal owner, he will receive income in the amount of from four to six percent of the total number of payments made. The owner of the outlet with this equipment can significantly increase sales due to an increase in the number of buyers who use this service. It should be noted that in most cases, people who enter the store to pay for any services through the terminal will want to buy something in the store. In addition, the owner saves on rent charges, since he places terminals on his own trading platform without incurring extra collection costs (the same store employee can handle this task).

Special attention deserves also the fact that this equipment occupies a minimum of free space.It does not need regular service and maintenance, significantly reduces the cost of organizing jobs and salary cashiers.

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