How to install a washing machine?

First you need to check that the equipment is not damaged during transport. Do not connect the machine if any damage is detected.
Then remove the shipping screws and rubber plugs.
Close the holes with plugs.
The washing machine should be installed on a flat floor. It should not touch walls or any objects. After installation, you need to check the level of the horizontal top cover. Proper positioning of the machine will help avoid noise and misalignment during washing.
To connect to the network should be screwed to the cold water tap with a threaded connection. Then the inlet hose must be connected to the machine by screwing it onto the water intake. It is usually located in the back of the car. The hose must not be twisted and clamped.
Then you need to place the drain hose in a special outlet sewer. Sometimes it is attached to the bath with special fixings.
When connecting to the electrical network, you need to make sure that the outlet is grounded and that the mains voltage and current frequency meet the requirements of the washing machine.
Before using it, you need to make the first wash with detergent, but without laundry. Water temperature should be 90 ˚C.

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