How to install custom firmware

First of all, try to roll back the state of the phone to the factory. This will help bring down all the settings, as well as clear the phone's memory. There are zeroing codes that erase all non-system information, as well as knock down the settings. Contact the manufacturer, providing an IMEI phone number in order to receive these codes.
Synchronize your phone with a computer. To do this, you need to use a data cable, drivers for flashing, as well as synchronization software. You can download the software components you need from the site of the cell phone manufacturer, and you can buy the data cable in the store of cellular communication. This is only necessary when the data cable and software CD are not included in the phone package.
Copy all your personal files and records from phone to computer. During flashing your data may be lost, so you need a backup.Save photos, audio, video, as well as messages and phone book into the appropriate folders, then proceed to reflash.
Download the software andfirmwarefrom sites that are devoted to the model range of your mobile phone. You should not experiment with installing custom firmware from other models, install exactly the one that fits your phone. Copy to computerfirmware, which is installed on your phone now, then go to the next step.
Make sure the battery is fully charged. This is necessary so that during the firmware the phone does not turn off, which can lead to cellular damage. Reflash the phone, carefully following the instructions. Restart the phone and make sure it works. Copy all data transferred to the computer before the firmware back to the phone.

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