How to install the front door?

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How to install the front door?

Sometimes we come to the conclusion that you need to change the front door. After all, the entrance to the apartment makes the first impression on our guests. If the door has lost its appeal, it should be replaced. However, this is not the most important function of the front door. Reliable protection against ill-wishers, drafts and sounds that reach us from the staircase - this is what the entrance door must provide. How to install the front door to its functionality was at the height, and the money invested in the purchase did not become discarded to the wind?

Install using the wizard

Typically, a firm that sells doors recommends a master installer. This option is the most convenient, you do not have to look for a specialist on the side. Moreover, the master gives a guarantee. His work will take a little time. Do not forget that during the installation process, you will have to be in an apartment without a door. Therefore, the speed of his work is important.

However, the services of the master have their price.In addition, the dismantling of an outdated door is mandatory. If you want to save money, you can dismantle the obsolete door on your own. It is required to remove the door leaf, then knock out the door frame. Such work is best done with an assistant, and not alone.

Install the door yourself

If you decide to save more substantial, install the door yourself. How to install the front door? First, decide whether the door will be �recessed� in the doorway, if you look at it from the side of the apartment. Usually, this installation method is the most popular. After all, in this way, you add a couple of centimeters to your hallway.

The door unit should enter the opening so that there is a gap of 20 mm between the wall and the box. Next you need to determine with the help of the level, how exactly the box is installed. For a preliminary assessment, you should fix the box with wooden wedges.

It is strengthened in the opening in different ways. Most often, these are anchor bolts. The diameter of the bolts should not be less than 12 mm, and their length - 100 mm. They must be inserted into the holes provided. For bolts holes are drilled with a hammer drill.Then the bolts twist well with nuts. Now you need to get rid of the gap that we have provided between the box and the opening. It is required to close the insulating material. Here the choice is yours. This stage is very important, because the soundproofing characteristics of the door depend on the quality of filling the gaps. In order not to make mistakes, it is important to find out in advance for yourself all stages of how to install the front door. The video more clearly shows those who are interested in the whole process.

You also need to properly install the locks and handle in the door. This is usually done before the door is installed in the box. After that, you need to remove the excess assembly foam and close the holes for the anchor bolts with the plugs.

What door to install

If buying an entrance door is not a cheap investment for you, remember that a good door is quite expensive. Cheap products that attract us sellers are two steel sheets that are mounted on the U-shaped profile. Inside this door there is nothing, the locks are the cheapest, and the box can be assembled from non-conforming material.

The door, which stands in the middle of the price range, will be filled with sound and heat insulator, also fire-resistant. The box will be assembled from a profile pipe.And, of course, the door can be upholstered with decorative material (leatherette).

In addition, choosing the door, listen to the opinions of experts. It is better to purchase a metal welded product from a large manufacturer that works with already known enterprises. Their technological process is debugged, and the welding equipment will not allow deformation of the finished product. Such doors have all chances to become reliable and stable, and will not, with time, shut down or creak badly.

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