How to keep friendship

Keeping and maintaining friendly relations is always difficult. With age, friends go somewhere, and only the closest circle remains. Why over time there is less desire to communicate? According to statistical studies, the main components of long-term friendships are as follows:


- tolerance for weaknesses


There are drawbacks at all. We just don't notice ours. In the process of communication, not only we, but also our friend put up with some flaws in us. In the clash of interests and in the difference of characters, there is a basic meaning of communication. Only in this way can we see our strengths and weaknesses, and become better.


- sympathy and mutual assistance


Friend is known in trouble. He will lend a helping hand in a difficult moment for you. Unfortunately, a friend is known not only in grief, but also in joy, because no one has yet canceled feelings of envy. And often it happens in life that a relationship collapses due to the fact that a friend settled down in life better than you.


- attentiveness


It will not be superfluous to remember the birthday of friends. Congratulate on holidays and inquire about their health. Most people appreciate being cared for and given attention. It strengthens friendships.


- tact and politeness


In this case, the proverb �simplicity worse than theft� works well. When, under the pretext of �well, I�m a friend of yours,� they give useless and offensive advice, or ask in detail about the painful one. Have patience when a person wants, he will tell everything, or ask for advice.


Like any relationship, friendship is not easy to maintain. Those who have many good and faithful friends are happy people.

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