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The motherland of the spotted somica is the river of South America. In aquariums it has been bred for 150 years. During this time, it has become one of the most popular domestic fish, as it is not demanding at all.

Content speckled catfish

Catfish has a brown-olive color with dark spots. This unpretentious fish leads an active near-bottom lifestyle. It has an interesting ability to make sounds with the help of pectoral fins. Most often this happens during spawning or if the fish are scared.

catfish speckled
In nature, the spotted catfish lives in the Amazon River in South America
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Caring for speckled catfish is simple, so it is often recommended to buy for beginners. The volume of the aquarium is calculated using a simple formula: for two catfish - 20 liters of water. Fish love to live a small flock (at least 6 individuals), so the minimum volume of the aquarium is 60 l. Standard water hardness indicators are 5-25 °, pH 6-8. The optimum temperature of the habitat is 21-25 ° C, but aquarium fish can easily tolerate a short-term increase or decrease in temperature within reasonable limits.The higher the temperature of the water, the shorter the life of the fish.

Speckled catfish love soft and diffused light, so the abundance of algae in the aquarium with them will not interfere.

Somics also need to equip a place for shelters. It is good to put in the home pond snags and artificial grottoes. Fine and dark gravel or sand will be suitable as soil.

Somik has an intestinal respiratory organ, therefore from time to time it rises to the surface of the water to inhale a little atmospheric air. Therefore, under the cover of the aquarium should always come fresh air.

Somiki breed without problems in captivity. Couples are placed in a separate aquarium so that they put off their eggs. Juveniles are fed live dust and rotifers.

Compatibility of catfish with other inhabitants of the aquarium

Somik speckled perfectly gets on with all peaceful inhabitants of an aquarium. It is of no interest to other fish and does not show aggression to anyone. Best neighbors:

  • dwarf cichlids;
  • live-bears;
  • barbs;
  • angelfish;
  • tetras of small sizes;
  • danios

In no case should catfish be placed in the same aquarium with thermophilic species.

His main occupation is to dig in the soil, collecting waste and food residues, so he copes well with the duties of a nurse. Somik also eats live food with pleasure. Fish do not mind eating at night, so in the evening you can throw a couple of tablets of dry food into the water.

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