How to lay linoleum without help

Linoleum has always been out of time and fashion, and even after many years this material is considered the most popular and affordable floor covering. Linoleum is relevant among people of different wages and social status, and is widely in demand in the building materials market due to obvious advantages:

  • Reasonable prices;
  • A wide range of colors and designs;
  • High speed and ease of installation;
  • Phenomenal durability and wear resistance.

The price of laying linoleum and the cost of the material will pleasantly surprise its democratically even the most sophisticated person. If you prefer to do repairs yourself, then you can completely do it on your own and save on the cost of professional services. But before proceeding with the installation, you should familiarize yourself with the step-by-step installation instructions.

In the modern market there is a rich choice of linoleum, and the cost may vary depending on the quality of the product and its purpose. There are several types of this material:

  • Household;
  • Commercial;
  • Semi-commercial.

For household use it is ideal for household use.

Step by Step

Before laying the linoleum must be spread in one of the free rooms so that it straightens and becomes suitable for installation. Then you should remove all the necessary dimensions and start cutting linoleum. It is advisable to leave a margin of 10 cm for each edge.

The first stage is surface preparation. Lay linoleum can only be on a perfectly flat floor, each bulge and hump will later cause premature damage to the floor covering. It is advisable to make a new screed, and then clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner to remove all the grains of sand and cement.

The next step is fixing the floor covering. The most common methods are glue and double sided tape. If you choose glue, carefully read the instructions - for different types of glue has its own waiting time. Glue should be evenly applied with a roller over the entire surface of the floor. If you choose double-sided tape, apply it around the perimeter, and then in a grid over the entire surface area.Only after these operations can you put the roll on the floor and evenly, meter by meter, stick it to the floor.

If you couldn’t manage to get a whole piece of linoleum and had to lay several strips, the cold welding of the linoleum joints would be the solution. This is a special glue that in a matter of minutes will securely stick together the strips. Your task is to make sure that the pieces go to the butt joint, and the drawing completely coincides. The final step will be the installation of baseboards. "Disturb" the floor can only be 48 hours.

Proper installation technique will significantly increase the life of the coating. If you purchase special substrates for furniture, you additionally protect the linoleum from damage. Follow the instructions, and then you are doomed to success.

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