How to learn not to evaluate yourself

Stop comparing yourself with anyone, be it a more successful classmate or a wealthy neighbor. Accept yourself as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses. Understand the simple truth: there are no people without flaws, they all have it and it's silly to dwell on them.
Try to turn your "flaws" into virtues, and you will understand that there is no unambiguous scale for evaluating people. For example, if you are a little burr, learn French, surprise your friends with your perfect pronunciation, many people even like this peculiarity of speech. Understand that everything in the world is subjective and there is no objective assessment.
Love yourself - it will allow you to live in harmony with yourself. Try to find in yourself more positive qualities of character, develop them.
Do not participate in all sorts of gossip and gossip, do not discuss people, it is better to take this time with more pleasant and useful things.
Live by your moral laws, not trying to meet the requirements and assessments of others. The thing is that those people who actually can appreciate you will not do it. And if someone discusses your person, then this is the person whose opinion is not worth treating.
Schedule goals and objectives that you need to achieve, strive to achieve them. There is a technique in drawing: in order to draw a line, it is necessary to see its end point, and, despite the apparent curvature, to accurately guide it to its destination; as a result, you will see that the line is really straight. No need to assess their capabilities - just strive for the goal.
“Who understands - does not appreciate, and who evaluates - he does not understand” - utters the old Chinese wisdom. Living according to this rule, you can cope with fear and uncertainty, discover joy, success, inner freedom, understanding of others, leadership ... , defending, if necessary, their point of view.

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