How to learn to dance belly dance?

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How to learn to dance belly dance?

Belly dance is a dance technique common in the east. This is a very beautiful and fascinating sight. The dance has been known since ancient times. Now many girls dream of learning how to perform the movements of this oriental dance.

Many specialized dance schools have been opened, a lot of dance-learning videos have appeared, which can be found on the Internet. Therefore, now there is no difficulty in learning how to dance a belly dance, you just need desire, patience and time to train.

Basic movements

Exercises need to perform under the eastern music. Clothes to pick up such that it does not hold down the movement, for example a topic and leggings. You can buy special things for belly dancing or a belt with coins, they will set the rhythm.

Before starting your workout, warm up your muscles with basic exercises and relax completely, surrendering yourself to oriental music. A belly dance includes movements at the same time with your arms, legs, hips, and body.

Initial position

  • stand up straight;
  • legs slightly apart;
  • arms parallel to the body.


  1. From the starting position, take your hands behind your back, fasten your fingers into the lock and pull back. Do this a few times.
  2. Initial position. We raise our hands while inhaling, while exhaling down. When lowering the arms, the legs are slightly bent at the knees, a wave is produced by the body.
  3. Raise your arms up and down, first one and then the other.
  4. Hands are perpendicular to the body, move them smoothly (like snakes wriggle).


  1. Put your hands on your waist, move your body to the left and right, keeping the lower part of your body motionless. The back is straight.
  2. Hands on the waist. Try to stretch the ribs forward and back. To make movements at the expense of muscles of a back and a press.
  3. Next, arms bent at the elbows and spread apart. Raise the chest up and down. Try not to lift your shoulders and keep your head down.
  4. Raise your arms and lean back, trying to bend as much as possible. Make the movement very smoothly.
  5. Legs are shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, arms slightly apart, back straight. Gently move your hips and hands, drawing a figure-eight body.


The movement of the hips - one of the most basic in belly dancing. Having learned to move the hips, any steps in the dance will be given very easily.

  1. Move your hips to the right and left.
  2. Move your hips back and forth. Complicate by adding steps.
  3. Perform thighs up and down, as if pushing the booty.

Combining basic exercises, you can get a dance. Move your hips, take steps left and right, forward and back. Perform hip thumps while doing body eight.

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