How to learn to kiss passionately?

As the stages of relationships change from attachment to love, a friendly kiss develops into a more passionate kiss on the lips. From our article you will learn how to learn how to kiss a big hitch.

The first "adult" kiss helps partners experience the first sensation of intimacy. In order to kiss freely, one should not read too much information, it is enough to study only the technique, and then to perfect it in practice.

Kissing technique

  1. The first rule - a kiss should go on increasing, like an avalanche. You should not gang up on your partner from the first minute, you can push him away.
  2. Lips should be relaxed. Clamping your mouth, you will create inconvenience both to yourself and your partner.
  3. It is customary to kiss with your eyes closed: this way you will be able to feel the moment of pleasure to the end, having thrown off the extra excitement. In the process of kissing, you can slightly open your eyes in order to follow the reaction of the partner.
  4. Both partners are obliged to monitor the release of saliva.At the first stage of the relationship, the kiss should not be too wet. Let your half get used to your smell and taste.
  5. A passionate kiss can occur both without a language and with its participation. When the first proximity, you should not work too actively with the language: just touch the tips of your tongues lightly, or you can hold the tongue over your partner's lips. On technology without the participation of the language you can find in our article - How to learn to kiss a big passion without a tongue.
  6. Caress your partner's lips with sucking or biting. In time, you will understand what gives your half the greatest pleasure.
  7. During a kiss, not only the lips and tongue, but also the rest of the body are involved. Touch the bodies, caress each other with your hands, stroke your hair, back, hold hands.

Preparation before kiss

  • Put your lips in order: they should be soft and appetizing. In order to give them a well-groomed look, make a lip scrub before dating, gently massaging the skin. Then apply a nourishing balm;
  • Take care of the purity of breath. Chewing gum is better to replace a special refreshing spray.

Tips for guys

First of all, overcome your uncertainty. Girls love determined and courageous guys who are ready to take the initiative in their strong hands.

Do not adhere to strict rules, because following them, the romance disappears. Soak up the moment of kissing and try to guess the mood of the second half.

Tips for girls

Girls, your task is to relax and have fun.

Oddly enough, modesty still paints the beautiful half of humanity, so you see yourself as fitting.

If you feel that your partner has decided to use the language to kiss, then you must answer: gently spend your tongue on it.

And finally, do not delay the process, break away from each other to take a breath and whisper a couple of gentle words to each other.

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