How to make a paper boat - 10 options

Wait until spring comes and, wearing rubber boots, run through the melting snow. Better yet, go run the ships in the nearest stream. So did our parents, and our grandparents. And the technology of their manufacture is familiar to all for a long time. In this article, we will introduce readers to the technique of assembling a ship from paper. And, if you enjoy this activity, you can make a whole fleet.

This article presents 10 ways - how to make a boat out of paper with your own hands with step by step unique photos and videos.

Ships made of paper will appeal to all children. This is old fun, but, in spite of this, has not lost its relevance today. Probably everyone in the childhood was fond of their manufacture, involving friends and parents in this occupation. And then they ran to run it in the nearest stream - you probably still remember these feelings. Please and your baby, make together with him a whole paper fleet. You'll see, it will please him!


How to make a boat out of paper with your own hands

Probably, there are no parents who are not familiar with the technology of making ships. But perhaps it is a little worn from your memory. Now, when you have a kid of preschool or primary school age, it's time to refresh your memory. Make this beautiful spring craft with your child.

A boat made of paper is a wonderful craft. This lesson will help develop fine motor skills, is an excellent exercise in spatial thinking.

Among other things, you get an entertaining toy. And the kid will be able to play, having called with him friends and relatives. There are a lot of options for the game, for example, you can arrange a race or an expedition. And you can give your grandfather or dad as a craft for February 23.

The ship from the paper

They can be made from colored paper, or painted or painted. You can pick up a whole crew for the ship, using small soldiers. If the weather is not too good,You can play by letting them swim in the bathroom. And in the country can be used for this basin. In short, this is an extremely exciting experience.

Recommendations for making a ship from paper:

  1. By applying one-sided colored paper, you will receive a unique toy, as the boat will be partially painted in a certain color.
  2. A sailboat can be made with a regular toothpick, and the sail can be made from cloth, colored cardboard, foil, leaves, colored napkins, and more.
  3. This toy can be made using office paper. And in order for the boat not to get too wet while swimming, it can be made from a coated magazine sheet.
  4. Dipping a toy into melted wax or paraffin will make it waterproof.
  5. Using a white sheet, you can show imagination - to decorate and paint it in any color.

Simple ship using origami technique

There are many options for adding a boat made of paper. But among them we can single out one, which is probably familiar to many. According to this scheme, our parents put it together, so you need to be introduced to it.and children. A distinctive feature of such a boat is its ability to stay on the water, and the duration of the voyage depends largely on the density of the material used. Step-by-step creation of such a ship in the technique of origami is shown in this master class.

For its production will be enough of any rectangular sheet.

First, fold it in half, and on the side with the fold, we mark the middle.

Now, focusing on this mark, bend the sides in the form of triangles.

Speakers from the bottom of the need to bend up. At first we do it on the one hand.

Turning the blank, we make the same bend upwards.

On the sides there are corners that need to be refilled. First, bend the corner, located on top, setting him up for the main part of our craft.

Now on the other side (bottom corner) you need to do the same.

Repeating the actions on both sides of the triangle, we received such a preparation of the future ship.

At this stage, our craft is similar to a hat, which is performed in the same way.

But we will go further and continue the creation of the ship. To do this, straighten the workpiece.

She needs to be shaped like a square.

The lower corner of the upper layer of the square is turned upwards.

We turn the workpiece over and do the same bend of the corner to the top.

Again, our workpiece needs to be straightened.

And fold it into a square.

Now gently begin to sip the top corners to the sides.

As a result, we get a boat that has little to do.

It is necessary to straighten its bottom and side for greater stability. Our ship in origami technique is ready for children's games.

Sailboat DIY

The origami technique involves turning a simple paper sheet into various crafts. As a rule, square is used for this. That is the form we need to take to create the next crafts.

This master class presents step by step making a ship with a sail.

Prepare for work:

  • square sheet;
  • glue stick.

Let's start making the ship with the addition of a square in half in two directions. So we outline the necessary folds for further work.

Now we bend the lower and upper parts of the workpiece to the middle line.

The sides also need to bend to the middle.

To create the boards, you need to straighten the corners and give them a different shape. We begin to straighten the upper right corner, the bottom of its crease is smoothed diagonally.

Smooth the top of the workpiece. So we formed one of the corners.

Similarly, we will straighten the lower right corner.

With the left side you need to do the same. So we formed the boards.

In order for our crafts to become like a ship, you need to take it with your hands and pull the halves in different directions - left from yourself, and right to yourself. As a result, the workpiece should take the following form.

Bottom protruding corner tuck to the right and arrange horizontally.

In the nose part you need to glue a little, connecting the right and left sides together.

Our boat with a sail is ready!

Blue paper boat with sails

Sailing is possible not only in reality, but also in your fantasies. This is especially true of children who are easily immersed in the game, imagining themselves to be different heroes. If a child dreams of the sea and presents himself as a sailor, then to support his imagination one cannot do without a boat with white sails, made in the technique of origami. In this workshop we will show its production.

To create such a ship with sails will require only a square sheet of colored one-sided paper, we used blue.

First, fold the square in half.

After this, we perform another transverse fold. As a result, our square was folded into 4 equal parts.

Now, turn the workpiece to the other side and do addition along the diagonal.

Then add the square on the other diagonal and turn it to the front.

Again, turn the workpiece white side up and bend to the center of 2 opposite corners.

Now we need to start shaping the sails. To do this, we begin to make a fold inward on one side.

You need to fold it so that a vertically located white triangle forms on top.

We do the same with the other side. As a result, we see that 2 white sails have become noticeable here.

But one of them needs to be slightly reduced. To do this, we fold the right sail down.

After that, bend it up, at the same time forming a small fold.

The resulting fold tucked inside. Now our boat has white sails.

Its lower part needs to be bent on the opposite side.

From the front, our sailboat looks like this.

Our ship with origami white sails is ready.

Boat for beginners with their own hands

A paper boat is a great solution if your family has a boy. In particular, if he is keen on marine subjects! Such an article is created very easily, you only need paper and 5-7 minutes of free time.

Read on to learn how to do it yourself.

For the manufacture of this boat you will need the following materials and tools:

  • square sheet of colored paper with a side of 15-20 cm;
  • scissors.

Step 1: make the first bends

Cut a neat square out of a sheet. If your sheet is initially square, you can skip this step.

Fold your square horizontally in half.

Expand. Now fold the bottom of the sheet to the center line.

The top of the sheet is also bent to the center line.

Fold the craft on the center line in the other direction. You should have an accordion-shaped figure with 4 longitudinal folds.

Step 2: fold the corners. Open one side.

Bend the upper left corner to the center crease.

The right corner also fold to the central fold, symmetrically to the left.

On the other hand, also bend the corners to the middle line.

Step 3: Expand. Now fold the craft in half.

Expand it. You have a boat, but you still need to trim it.

For this purpose, the "bow" of the boat on one side wraps to the central crease. Well bend the bends.

The “nose section” on the other hand also wrap towards the center line. You should have a hexagon shaped shape.

Opposite corners of this hexagon bend symmetrically about 0.5 cm.

Open the handcraft.

On the one hand, the “side” part folds towards the central fold. Repeat on the other side.

Well put the corners inside the boat from all four sides. Thanks to this, the lower part of the craft will look very neat.

Expand. Align and flatten where it is needed.

Your boat made of paper using origami is ready!

Origami Boat

How to make just such a boat? Actually very easy! You only need a square sheet and 10-12 minutes of free time.

Such cute origami is perfect for crafts with children of primary and secondary school age.

Materials and tools:

  • square sheet 15-18 cm;
  • scissors.

Cut a square out of an A-4 sheet.

Fold double horizontally.

Expand. Fold one half of the sheet to the center fold and unfold.

The second half of the sheet also wrap to the center line.

Carefully iron the crease, then lift the paper and attach it to the next, third crease. Make a neat bend.

Place the craft vertically.

Upper right corner fold to a vertical crease.

The upper left corner also bend to a vertical fold.

Wrap the left corner again. Carefully stroke the fold with your fingers.

On the right side, also wrap the corner forward one more time.

Change your position. Fold the entire bottom edge to the horizontal line of the middle.

Change the position again. Bend the lower right corner to the horizontal line of the middle.

Wrap down all the upper part in the origami area where you are currently working.

Turn over to the other side.

Accordion fold the paper over the study area twice. You must stop exactly in the center line of your square.

Place the workpiece in front of you so that all the bends are at the bottom on the right side.

Upper left corner bend to the previously made vertical fold.

The upper right corner is also bent to a vertical fold.

Wrap the area again on the top right side, and again on the top left side.

Change your position. From the opposite side bend the bottom corner to the middle line.

The top side also fold down to the middle line.

Fold the entire upper part down the middle line.

Open one side.

Fold the corner symmetrically in the corner at the back of the craft. Return the paper to its place.

On the other hand, also open one gateway. Wrap the second corner symmetrically to the corner.

Close the paper. Expand the craft in its middle.

Origami boat of paper with your own hands is ready!

Color Paper Ship

This most popular handicraft on the summer theme can be made not only in the technique of origami. In this master class, I will show you how to make such a bright sailing boat made of colored paper.

Required Materials:

  • half-colored red, yellow and blue tint;
  • skewer;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • marker;
  • pencil.


Create a sailboat frame. To do this, take a semi-blue cardboard and cut two identical strips with dimensions of 18 x 2.5 cm.

We divide each strip with a ruler and a pencil into three equal parts. Bend in those places.

We glue the two parts of the base of the boat together on the sides.

Then create a small part of the deck of the ship. Use the blue half board again.

Cut a small rectangle. On the sides, measure 1.5 cm for gluing.

We bend along vertical lines and glue the part in the middle of the ship between the bases.

Now we will prepare a wooden skewer and two pieces of yellow paper of different lengths to create the sails.

We create small holes in each rectangle. We put a skewer through them.

Cut out a small square from a red sheet. We paste it on the deck. We make a small hole in the diameter of the wide part of the skewer. Paste it.

Now we cut out a beautiful flag from red paper that will develop in the wind. Mark the contour lines with a black marker.

Glue the flag to the highest point of the sailboat.

With a black marker we draw portholes and other important details on a paper boat.

A wonderful paper boat is ready for sea travel! On the deck you can place small toys of pirates, sailors and the captain of the ship.

How to make an application - a paper boat

Another version of crafts.

How to make this application of the ship from paper look here.

Original folding options for the ship - video tutorials

Ship with sail in origami technique

How to make a boat out of paper

Original sailboat

Video lesson on folding a ship

Almost all schemes of assembling ships from paper are not complicated. And a little exercise, you can make them without a scheme. To date, there is a great variety of different options for assembling sailing ships that a child of any age will master. To do this, you will need various training materials, which today are presented in the form of diagrams, instructions and videos.

This exciting activity will bring pleasure not only to kids, but also to adults. With the onset of spring, the children quickly run into the street, in order to play, letting their paper fleet float. Made from simple materials, they become a simple and affordable game.

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