How to make a braid on one side

You will need
  • Comb, several stealth, mousse for volume, hairspray, and gum.
Recently, the fish spit has become very popular. In fact, it is easy to make it, but it will seem to everyone that you have just left the beauty salon. Dry your head with a hair dryer with a small amount of mousse for volume to give your hair extra pomp. So the hairstyle will look natural and at ease. Make a small basal volume comb.
Flip all the hair on one side and divide it into two identical parts (1st and 2nd parts). And start to weave. Take a thin section of hair from the 1st part of the outer edge and transfer it to the 2nd main part. With the second part of the hair, do the same, throwing a small strand of hair from the outer edge to the first part. Do it in the same order until you braid the wholebraid�to end. Watch the sequence so as not to get confused. As a result, you should have a braid that looks like a fishtail. Secure the tip of the tail with a rubber band.

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