How to make a fabulous town with your own hands?

Let's see how to make a fabulous town! You will need very little for classes, but you still need ingenuity and basic knowledge in electrics.

The magic table is best done by the whole family - there is enough work for everyone: dad, mom, grandmother, and grandfather, and children!



Everykidwantstobeinthefairyworldatleastonce; they all love to beat their favorite moments from animated films or books read. This explains the widespread use of game development techniques for children in kindergartens and elementary classes.

In the game, little pioneers not only study the outside world, but also learn the most productive interaction among themselves.

Some games , for example, a puppet theater with finger toys, aimed at ensuring that children have fine motor skills.In general, theatrical performances not only have a tremendous impact on the aesthetic development of children, but also help them understand the feelings of heroes who have fallen into different situations, thereby contributing to the formation of such invaluable personal qualities, such as the ability to sympathize with and represent themselves in the place of another man.

You can create a wonderful corner for baby games, a small piece of a magical country, at home.

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