How to make a huge LED LED

Have you ever held a huge LED, the size of a human fist? Of course not, because they do not exist. I will show how to make such an original thing with my own hands. This LED LED will look exactly like its little brother, except that it will have much more luminous brightness.

You will need

  • Plastic bottle.
  • Textolite board, foil.
  • Thick wire.
  • A piece of LED tape.
  • Resistor 5-10 Ohm.
  • Epoxy resin with hardener.
How to make a huge LED LED

Making a large LED

So, let's start with what the LED consists of. The first is the two leads that go into the body of the LED. Then you can see two sites, one smaller one - this is the anode, and the other one is the cathode. At the cathode is a platform with a reflector and a semiconductor crystal. Above all this there is a lenswhich is a monolith with LED body.
How to make a huge LED
First, let's make an imitation of a large semiconductor crystal with a reflector. Take the LED strip and unsolder chip elements from it. If there is no hair dryer, heat it with a soldering iron.

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