How to make a hut on chicken legs

Cut eight identical pieces from the rope and twist them into a bundle. Straighten one end of the rope and break it, then fasten the “fingers” out of the rope with individual pieces of thread. Cut the claw tips out of paper and glue them with super glue on the “feet” of the hut.
Take the inside of the matchbox and make two holes in the bottom of the cardboard box. Insert your rope legs into these holes, bottom-up, cut to each other, with claws already glued to each end.
From the inside of the matchbox, fasten the ends of the ropes by bending them to the bottom and gluing them with a strip of paper. Make sure the legs hang from the bottom of the box at an equal length.
From the top to the inside of the box, glue the outer part, which is open on both sides, and then cut the roof out of the cardboard and stick it to the top of the box. Cut a few pieces of gray paper and paste it.hutfrom all sides.To simulate the logs, take the matches, break off the sulfur heads from them and stick the matches to the walls of the hut.
Cut the fringed green paper and glue the hut under the roof so that the grass grows from under the roof.

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