How to make a pink elephant

How to make a wonderful pink elephant with a wish for Valentine's Day! Many of us love to celebrate holidays. And to give good presents to these holidays. A gift made by one's own hands is always pleasant. Consider today a master class on making an elephant from pink fleece with a wish. For work you will need the following:
  • a piece of pink fleece,
  • pattern paper,
  • a little pink yarn and a hook,
  • needle and thread, scissors,
  • beady eyes,
  • filler.
Elephant production time: 1 hour. Ready to sew: the simplest. Product size: 15 cm long.
First action. Pattern. We design the pattern ourselves and find it on the Internet. It will consist of 3 parts: a detail of the body, a detail of the legs and ears. You can look at the pattern in the picture.
 pink elephant
Next, transfer the pattern to the fabric, circle it with a special marker. We should get 2 body parts, 1 foot detail and 4 ears details. The second action. Sew the parts. First we sew the upper part of the body parts.This is how it will look.
pink elephant
You can stitch both on a typewriter (this will go faster) and manually. Do not forget to sew foot parts at the elephant
The product's ears are also sewn separately.
 pink elephant
After everything is stitched, turn out the details on the faces part of it. This is how the body of an elephant will look.
 pink elephant
This is how your ears look.
pink elephant
The third action. We stuff a toy and perform its decoration. We fill the work with a holofiber. When the body is tightly packed, a small hole remains at the bottom of the toy.
 pink elephant
Sew up this hole with thread. Filled ears can now also be sewn.

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