How to make a raincoat?

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How to make a raincoat?

A raincoat is truly a universal thing in both men's and women's wardrobe. A variety of models and styles allow you to choose the appropriate option for any shape.

You can also make a coat with your own hands, it is important to follow a few recommendations. Let's talk about this in more detail.

The easiest pattern

The simplest style is the usual sleeveless cape. It is easy to sew a cape, and even a beginning dressmaker can build a pattern. The pattern can be a circle, cut along the entire length and having a hole for the head. Alternative - trapezoid or square with a cutout for the head. This model is suitable for capes in ethnic style, and can become a fashionable poncho cape.

How to make a basic pattern

cloakDepending on the style, a raincoat may have insert sleeves or raglan sleeves. You can also complement the pattern with a hood, which is fastened with buttons or velcro. The classic version has a stand-up collar or turn-down wide collar, as well as pockets, cuffs and a belt.

Details are based on the basic pattern of the dress. It should be expanded, you can also remove tuck on the belt for convenience, because the cloak will still be tightened with a belt. Chest tuck better left - this ensures a good fit on the figure. More can be found.

Wide models that have no cuts, splines on the back and darts on the belt look especially good if they are made of lightweight fabrics.

Those who are just learning to sew, it is recommended to use the pattern of raglan sleeves or a �bat�, as inserting a sleeve requires special skills and abilities.

Suitable fabric

Cloak can be sewn from almost any type of fabric. Usually for this purposeHow to make a raincoat?A raincoat, cashmere or wool is used. In this case, it is imperative to provide a lining. A light cloak can be sewn from organza, silk or lace - in this case it will be a good addition to summer or holiday attire.

Details and accessories

Usually all cloaks have pockets that can be either overhead, internal or hidden in the seam. Traditionally, the cloak is buttoned and has a wide belt.The loops on the sleeves, lapels and shoulder straps are also integral parts of this item of clothing.

Undoubtedly, tailoring a raincoat requires experience and skills, but beginner dressmakers will cope with a cloak or fur poncho.

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