How to make a spinner

Good day to all. In this article, I'll tell you how to make a simple toy spinning wheel - spinner. Everything is done very simply, and most of the materials can be obtained completely free of charge.
 How to make a spinner
For this we need:
  • Sleeves 5.45 (I typed my own in the dash, although you can find it on any training ground or order it online).
  • ABEC 5 bearing (Ideally ABEC 7, was extracted from the wheel of an old skateboard, you can also find it in a car dealer or order it on AliExpress.)
  • Wooden bar (Any hard wood, (in this case, a nut).
  • Epoxy (Whatever it is to glue together is an ideal option).
How to make a spinner
After everything is ready - let's proceed to manufacturing. Using a step drill, drill a hole of the required diameter for the bearing.
How to make a spinner
The sleeves are clamped into the cartridge of the drill and at low speed,leaning the sandpaper, we begin to grind them until the paint is completely removed.
 How to make a spinner
 How to make a spinner
With the bearing we remove anthers, we clean WD-40, copiously sprinkling it, Next, we coat the edges of the bearing with epoxy resin, press it into the bar, and only after that we drill the side holes for the liner. This is done to ensure that the bar does not burst, because In my case, the walls turned out thin.
How to spinner
In the end, I still decided to postpone the drill and expand the holes using an engraver for the desired diameter. We glue the sleeves together (the same epoxy resin), we also coat the holes in the bar with epoxy and press the sleeves back. We leave it all to dry for 6 hours and finally enjoy a simple toy made by ourselves.
 How to make a spinner
How to make a spinner

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