How to make a wife treat her husband with respect

You can not allow yourself to neglect, otherwise you will remain henpecked for life. Your wife will not appreciate you, no matter how hard you try.
We need to figure out why it happened. What are the reasons for this behavior of your beloved woman. Maybe the problem lies in her family. Perhaps such a relationship - the norm for her parents. If the daughter watches all the time, as papa bends under mum, she takes such relations as a basis. And, of course, will try to build his family in the same way. She just does not know how differently. During the period of courtship such moments are almost impossible to predict. If a girl wants to get married, she will pretend, try to do everything, if only her beloved made an offer. And only after the wedding all the nuances come up.
Since you did not understand the wife before the wedding, you will have to deal with her upbringing after the marriage.It will be necessary to explain that the main guarantee of family happiness is respect between the spouses. It is necessary to bring to her consciousness that the wedding is not the finish, that all life is ahead, and now you need to exert maximum efforts to make this life happy. Remember that in the absence of respect between the spouses marriage is doomed.
You should not give your wife all your money. Many men do this to relieve themselves of responsibility in the material matters of the family and in the household aspects. But then you have to ask your wife for money for every little thing. Thus, primacy in the family can go to a woman, because she is in charge of family finances. Even if you do not want to participate in the formation of the family budget, you should keep a certain amount in order to have money for small expenses.
Do not let your wife raise your voice, call you names. Explain to her that for you this is totally unacceptable and that you will not live with a woman who allows this behavior.
Some women lose their sense of respect for her husband when she discovers adultery. They are trying to create an aura of indifference around themselves, but of course they cannot forget about what happened.In order to regain lost respect, you need to exert maximum effort. Surround her with attention and care and make you believe in your feelings for her again. Maybe then your betrayal will gradually begin to be forgotten.

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