How to make coffee ice

The aroma of coffee is very bright and, perhaps, the most recognizable in the whole world. It is added to perfumes and confectionery. There are also many alcoholic cocktails that include coffee. The problem with the preparation of mixed drinks is that the ice, turning into water, dilutes the taste. This can be solved by making coffee ice. When such ice melts, it will turn into ordinary strong coffee and will complement the taste of the cocktail, and will not make it watery at all.
How to make coffee ice
To make coffee ice you need:
  • instant coffee - 1 tsp.
  • ice molds.
How to make coffee ice

Instructions for making coffee ice

Pour out dry instant coffee granules into a mug.
How to make coffee ice
Fill with hot water. Take no more than 150 ml.Coffee for making ice is better to make strong. Otherwise, the cocktail will lose its taste.
How to make coffee ice
Carefully spill strong cold coffee in the cells of the form for ice. It can be both plastic and silicone. The latter are intended for making sweets and often have curly cells. Thanks to this, it will turn out to make ice in an unusual form. For example, in the form of hearts.
How to make coffee ice
If the liquid in the form has reached room temperature, send it to the freezer. Often the cells are in the same form with a volume of not more than 10 liters, so the ice will freeze in a few hours. Getting the pieces of coffee ice from the form is quite simple. Just flip it over. Now you can put coffee ice in a glass.

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