How to make a dough for modeling?

Evgenia Zimnyakova
Evgenia Zimnyakova
January 18, 2013
How to make a dough for modeling?

Salty dough for modeling is very interesting material for children's games. It is also interesting to deal with it as with clay, but you can paint the figures made with your own hands as you like and keep them forever. It can be used from the earliest years to develop fine motor skills of children's fingers. The kids really like to roll sausages, buns out of it, tear small pieces or just knead with their tiny hands, while all these actions have a beneficial effect on the development of intelligence.

Recipe for making salt dough for modeling

We will understand how to make the dough for sculpting yourself. We will need:

  1. flour of any kind;
  2. one-to-one salt;
  3. olive oil;
  4. some water.

From the necessary products to make the dough. The resulting dough, you need to put in the cold for several hours, after which it is absolutely ready for work.

Work with salty dough

When working with dough, especially when you make complex, large figures it is important that it does not dry out,therefore, it is necessary to take only a little from the main piece, and keep the rest in a bag or in a tightly closed jar.

When working with dough, it is necessary to take into account all the same nuances as when working with any sticky materials. The knife, which we are going to cut the dough must be oiled, in order to avoid sticking of the dough to the knife. But the hands on the contrary should be extremely dry, so that the mass is not sticky to the hands. The details of the figures that need to be put together in the attachment points must be carefully lubricated with water.

To make the dough figurines become strong and last a long time, they need to be thoroughly dried and baked in the oven. It is necessary to bake the products at a temperature of 160 degrees for 40 - 60 minutes, after which they must acquire a warm beige color. To make the figures bright, they can be painted with thick colors.

That's how we learned that making salt dough for sculpting on our own is very easy and fun.

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