How to make money in the bank in 2018

First choose a stable and reliable bank. Gather as much information as possible about all financial institutions located in your area. To do this, visit the central office of each of the offices, read reviews on the Internet, ask your friends. Check with employees about current and active funds of the bank. Learn the full name. founders of the banking department.
It is better to choose those financial institutions that have proven themselves, for example, the Savings Bank of Russia. Specify information about their financing. To do this, look for information on the Internet or in economic journals, for example, in the Russian economic newspaper.
Check out the variety of contributions. Record all the proposed conditions and opportunities. Pay attention to the deposit term and interest rate. In no case do not chase the "golden mountains". Remember that too high interest is unprofitable for the bank, so if you hear about high rates, think a hundred times, and not whether it is a bait.
Check with the operator the possibility of replenishment and early withdrawal of funds.Find out how interest capitalization goes. Some banks monthly transfer the amount of interest to the current accounts of the owners. There are also deposits for retirees. As a rule, interest rates for this category of people are somewhat higher.
Get information about the term of the deposit. For example, there are deposits that are automatically extended for another term. That is, if you open an account for six months, you must receive them on a daily basis, otherwise the term will be extended by another six months, and the early termination of the contract will be at your expense.
If you just want to save money, you can rent a safe deposit box at the bank. In this case, for its use you will have to pay a certain amount of money every month.

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