How to move the Documents folder

If you want to free up disk space with the system or to hedge against data loss, transferfolderMy Documents to any other local disk of your computer. The operating system will safely transfer such a "move" and easily read the data from the folder, regardless of the directory in which it is located.
Click on the "Start" button or on the Windows key, in the "Main Menu" selectfolderMy Documents and click on its icon with the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu of the item select the last item “Properties”. Another option: go to the "Desktop" and click on the My Documents icon with the right mouse button, also select the "Properties" item in the drop-down menu.
If you do not see the My Documents element on your Desktop, you can customize its display using the Display component. In the Start menu, select Control Panel, and call the Display icon from the Appearance and Themes category. Or, click anywhere on the "Desktop" with the right mouse button and select the "Properties" item in the drop-down menu.In the window that opens, go to the Desktop tab, click the Desktop Settings button and on the General tab of the new window that opens, set a marker in the box next to My Documents, apply the new settings and close the Display Properties window.
After you open the properties window of the My Documents folder, open the Destination Folder tab. In the "Destination folder" group, specify the new directory in which the My Documents folder should be located. This can be done in several ways. Enter the new path to the folder from the keyboard or go to the desired directory, create an emptyfoldernamed My Documents, copy the path to it from the address bar and paste this path into the properties window of the My Documents folder. Click on the “Apply” button and close the window. Verify the placement of the My Documents folder through the “My Computer” item.

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